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Date de naissance : 11 août 1936

Lieu de décès : Surrey, Colombie Britannique, Canada
Date de décès : 10 septembre 2010


August 11, 1936 to September 10, 2010
at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Survived by her two sons, Donald and Perry, and by her sister Fern Mason, as well as many family and friends.

Predeceased by father Harold Roscoe Corbin, born November 21, 1889, in Boston, Mass, U.S.A., to September 22, 1936, Kamloops, B.C.; and mother Annie Murray McConnell Corbin, born September 4, 1894, in Sask., to November 7, 1986, Kamloops, B.C.; P.O. William Harold Corbin, born June 21, 1912, in Prince Albert, Sask., to October 20, 1940, WWII at sea in the Atlantic Ocean on the Ship Margaree; John Wesley Corbin, born September 20, 1913, in Prince Albert, Sask., to August 13, 1990, Kamloops, B.C.; Eunice Young Corbin, born January 29, 1916, in Prince Albert, Sask., to November 16, 2000, Vancouver, B.C.; Russell Clayton Jackson, born December 1, 1917, in Prince Albert, Sask., to June 2, 2009, Kamloops, B.C.; Merle Ann Corbin, born April 13, 1919, in Prince Albert, Sask., to September 24, 1999, Vancouver, B.C.; James Lester Allen Corbin, born November 30, 1921, in Prince Albert Sask., to May 2, 2002, Kamloops, B.C.



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