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Jean Geldart

Jean Geldart

Lieu de naissance : Saint John, Nouveau Brunswick, Canada
Date de naissance : 29 avril 1949

Lieu de décès : Rothesay, Nouveau Brunswick, Canada
Date de décès : 16 mars 2009

"Mom, on the day you left my heart broke and the world fell upon me.. I wanted to go with you too.. I miss you soo much it hurts and this void in my heart breaks and its unbearable.. I miss hearing your voice and how you always made everything ok.. I need you soo badly Mom... You were the best friend I ever had and not being able to pick up the phone to talk to you makes me crazy............ I want you to tell you Parker knows how to spell his name and he can tell you his phone number and street address.. He is getting soo big and smart.. I hate him changing so much without you here.. You would love him soo much at this age.. I never want him to foget you.. This worries me alot.. When I cry Parker says, "Don't cry Mom, Nama's up in the sky with God and all the angles.." One night he though you were comming down from the sky.. You were an amazing Grandmother.. I feel soo lost and alone with out you and no one really understands.. I walk around with this heavy heart and place this smile on my face to get by the day without you....... It feels like I had you yesterday but its been a year since I saw your beautiful face and touch of your hand... I miss you Mom and I am soo proud to be your daughter... I Love You!!! Tina



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