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Lieu de naissance : Vancouver, Colombie Britannique, Canada
Date de naissance : 28 septembre 1948

Lieu de décès : Kamloops, Colombie Britannique, Canada
Date de décès : 4 janvier 2014

"Cheers My Friends"
"I Wouldn't Have Made 2014
Without You"

Nancy, a Richmond girl, was born in Vancouver on September 28, 1948. From high school she went straight to work for the WCB. There, fate channeled a circumstance into a chance encounter with Bill that set the stage for a first date. They were inseparable right from that very first date. She knew right away that she was destined to marry the love of her life. It took Bill a little longer. In 1975, after two years of her certainty and Bill's hesitation, they were married and moved to North Delta. She made Bill so much a better person in so many ways. She gave him confidence, gave him purpose, gave him a life that was pure joy. She brought home his first puppy knowing it would melt his heart and she was right. She continued to enhance his and their life in so many ways. She was always there for him and with him. She became his darling companion as they traveled the world together, creating memories to last forever.

Nancy retired just before her 50th. birthday and Bill followed a few months later. Their travels accelerated. They visited all the capitals of Europe and many small towns in between, frequented Mexico and touched the Caribbean. People often asked if she had any children and she would always say "No, I have a travel agent and I have no regrets." They moved to Kamloops in 2002 and moved into her yellow house that Bill designed with her in mind. Her home, her Golden Retrievers, her gazebo and garden, her travels and her Bill were her life. And then she and her Bill began to meet so many people in Kamloops that became such good friends. Kamloops was a much gentler place than the coast, much like the friendliness she and Bill enjoyed in Mexico. She often said they were so lucky to have come here.

She and her Bill had ten great years and then the worst happened. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012. Lost one lung and got cancer in the other. Then in February, 2013 they found a brain tumor. The cancer was relentless. It caused seizures, blood clots, loss of balance, loss of cognitive function, impaired her speech and her memory. She fought it all, fought back and had an August and September that her and her Bill cherished. November into December was getting grim again. She was losing the battle. Falling in hospital and breaking her hip, getting a hip placement and a brain tumor out of control all conspired to take the kindness gentlest soul away from all who loved her.

On January 4, 2014 at 7:30 a.m. with her Bill holding her hand for the last half hour of her life she drew her last breath. Her ashes will be placed next to the ashes of two of her previous dogs where they will all forever look down on her Casa Amarrilla, her yellow house, her home.


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